Reflex Taekwondo Reviews

  • Erica L. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    We love this place! Master Robaldo is amazing with the kids. He helps build respect and confidence. My son has been going for a little over a year now and has grown so much since starting here. This is a smaller facility unlike some of the others in the area which is one of the reasons we love it. The kids get more individual attention this way. Join here and you won't be sorry.

    Erica L.
  • Heidi P. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    We love this dojo! Our son has gained a lot of confidence and his focus has increased, both in the dojo and in the school classroom!

    Heidi P.
  • Patrick Q. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    My kids and I have been students at Reflex for over a year. Master Robaldo and Danielle are great people and excellent instructors.  We enjoy training and competing, as it helps us build confidence as well as martial arts skills. We've made friends and get a lot of exercise, while having a great time! I can recommend Reflex without reservation.

    Patrick Q.
  • Jennifer T. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    Master Robaldo is a talented instructor and absolutely amazing with children!! So happy we found this school, our son loves it!

    Jennifer T.
  • Mandy P. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    We have been attending Reflex Taekwondo for 5 months now, and what an amazing experience it has been! Master Robaldo is great with the kids (I refer to him as the child whisperer) and provides a great balance of discipline, training, and encouragement. My daughter has gained more confidence, physical strength, focus and mental determination in the last 5 months than the previous 5 years. I hope she’s a student here forever!

    Mandy P.
  • Jessica S. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    Our daughter has been a student at Reflex Taekwondo for over a year and we feel fortunate to have found such an excellent school for her. Master Robaldo is an outstanding teacher, managing group classes seamlessly and adapting his teaching to meet the levels of each individual student. The growth we’ve seen in her as an athlete is amazing. Our family is thankful for the opportunities she has at Reflex!

    Jessica S.
  • Tara W. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    Excellent school and instructors! Master Robaldo is great with the kids. Taekwondo has really helped my son with listening/focusing, discipline, and his confidence. He has been attending for almost two years and still looks forward to each class.

    Tara W.
  • Hatem S. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    Master Ribaldo is great with our kids because he genuinely enjoys teaching them taekwondo. He trains them to become disciplined, but not in a harsh or over the competitive way. He is part of the official Chungdokwan organization (founded by 9th-degree grandmaster Ed Sell) which means his certificates are honored at other taekwondo schools. His experience gave my kids the skills to compete and qualify for Team USA at the World Championships. I can't recommend him enough!

    Hatem S.
  • Candice W. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    We love Reflex Taekwondo! Each day is something new and challenging. My son feels truly cared about and his confidence and focus have greatly improved. Master Robaldo sets clear and high expectations while offering the support his students need to achieve their goals.

    Candice W.
  • Christopher C. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    I have had the honor of sparring and competing in forms against Master Robaldo. I have seen many of his students in action, humble, fun, and extremely talented. People that are passionate, and easy to be around. I would highly recommend Reflex Taekwondo to anyone in the area!!

    Christopher C.
  • Russell S. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    ReflexTKD is a great place to learn TaeKwonDo. Master Robaldo is a patient and kind teacher, while still demanding discipline and excellent performance. Everyone who works or assists at Reflex is cut from a similar cloth. For a parent like me, it's a great balance. Highly recommended!

    Russell S.
  • Lauren B. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    Bobby is an extremely knowledgeable martial artist and has been a top competitor in the world. He has extensive skills in sparring, weapons, and forms. His value and what he has to offer and teach to kids is very rare to find.

    Lauren B.
  • Karen C. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    Awesome instructors! Great enthusiasm! Encouraging atmosphere.  Very friendly staff and members.  I've seen my daughter grow, develop more confidence, and develop her taekwondo skills exponentially! I appreciate the discipline Master Robaldo instills in the students and that he challenges his students to become fit as they develop their skills and learn the sport. I highly recommend this gem!

    Karen C.
  • Suman P. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    My son loves training here and has improved in focus, discipline and coordination. Master Roboldo ' s entire family is a black belt which is cool and I have met many nice people here. Many of the kids regularly compete and it's a healthy environment for developing taekwondo skills. Highly recommend!

    Suman P.
  • Krish A. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    Master Robaldo is an awesome teacher. He really cares about his students and implements discipline in every way in school and at home. We love the flexible scheduling and the ability to choose the different classes as they progress in their belts...

    Krish A.
  • Dawn R., Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    Such an amazing place! Master Robaldo and Danielle are amazing! No better in the area! Highly recommended!! Like family!

    Dawn R.
  • Jake B. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    We are very happy to have found Master Robaldo and Reflex Taekwondo! This was the first school we visited and after meeting with Master Robaldo and seeing how he was with our son, we knew there was no need to visit another!  He loves coming to class and practicing at home! The flexible schedule works very well for us! We love Reflex Taekwondo!

    Jake B.
  • Seven L. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    The best place to learn Martial Arts. The environment is very friendly and the instructor is awesome. He instructs and also preforms how it is done.

    Seven L.
  • Tiffany D. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    My girls enjoy coming here and Master Robaldo is great with kids. I like that he makes it a point to speak directly to the kids about any issues or behavior instead of the parents and hold them personally accountable. We recommend this taekwondo studio all the time!

    Tiffany D.
  • Ned B. , Reflex Taekwondo Testimonials

    I feel like I couldn't have chosen a better school for my grandson. He loves the class, the students, and Master Robaldo is the best instructor that we could have chosen; we couldn't be happier.

    Ned B.

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