Master Robert Robaldo Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Master Robert Robaldo in Lutz - Reflex Taekwondo

Master Robert Robaldo

Current Dan Ranking
6th Dan - Tae Kwon Do (Chung do Kwan)
4th Dan - Tae Kwon Do (Songahm)

Certified Instructor:
US Chung do Kwan Association
US Association of Martial Arts
Millenium Training

2017 - USCDKA National Champion
2016 - USCDKA National Champion
2015 - USCDKA National Champion
2012 - Bronze Medalist in the WKC World Championships
2010 - Florida State Champion in weapons
2006 - World Champion in TaeKwonDo Weapons
2006 - World Champion in TaeKwonDo Sparring
2006 - Florida State Champion in Sparring
2005 - Florida State Champion in Weapons


Master Robaldo is a Sixth Dan Black Belt and Master instructor in Taekwondo. 

He has been studying TaeKwonDo for 20 years and has instructed many State and World Champions. 

Master Robaldo also holds a Bachelor's Degree in child education which he uses to educate and motivate his students.

Master Robaldo also has experience in: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido, Judo

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